Jennifer Lawrence Goes Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods

While The Hunger Games takes the box office by storm this weekend, star Jennifer Lawrence is taking things … easy. J. Law was spotted doing a bit of grocery shopping here in SoCal this week all by her lonesome. I guess one could say she was hungry, eh? We don’t normally get to see photos of Jennifer out and about in the wild and off the red carpet … but now that The Hunger Games is about to catapult her into the celebrity stratosphere, I’m guessing we’ll get to see more photos of the young star doing regular people things.
My guess is that Jennifer is not yet used to being photographed when she’s out and about in public … and I sincerely hope she gets used to it/doesn’t mind it because her life is about to change. By and large, everyone seems to LOVE he Hunger Games film … and that means that anticipation for the follow up films Catching Fire and Mockingjay will make her even more high profile. Honestly, I couldn’t resist the chance to post these photos of “hungry” Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a star now … I hope she’s ready for it.
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