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Wear Now and Later: Maxi Dress

It’s that transitional time of the year when the weather is cold one day, the next warm, and all the retailers are filled with the upcoming season’s best items! You just can’t contain your excitment and the next thing you know you’re bringing home that perfect piece you just can’t wait to wear once the weather improves! Well ladies, we don’t blame you…in fact, we’re already pulling out our new maxi dresses, and properly layering up to fit the current season. Here are some of our suggestions on how to wear that great maxi dress now and then how to wear it later in the season, too!
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Dianna Agron vs. Emma Stone wear Maxi Dress with Max Mara

At left, Emma Stone wears her Max Mara camel coat over an evening dress in New York City.
At right, Dianna Agron pairs the same jacket over a polka dot maxi dress and a bright red satchel.
Both are fabulous .  But whose is best?
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The Correct Choice of Maxi Dresses for All Situations

More comfortable, attractive and fashionable. This is how a woman would describe a maxi dress when asked. To begin with a lot of women made use of to believe that that maxi dresses are put on only at a specified time but with the addition of a lot more prints, colors and versions these dresses can now be put on at nearly each situation. Be it a day with your soul mate or an evening with mates, these dresses would absolutely match your style.

Most of the people would nevertheless be uncertain about putting on a maxi gown to any of the situations. If you assume that these dresses are a not a superior choice to dress in them for a marriage ceremony, then suppose once again. These dresses if worn with finer fabrics like silk or satin search ideal at the wedding. Make sure to find the right shade. If you decide upon whites or lotions then you are surely going to be to a single of the lucky just one from the bride’s conclusion. Floral is also a beneficial alternative as it looks much more regular. Plain fabrics which have a floaty fashion is also not an awful choice. Sporting sandals and putting on a hat would without doubt make your attire a total a person.

Dependent upon the coloration, fabric and pattern of your maxi dress, you can opt for the right type of footwear which would suit in the ideal doable fashion with your dress. Also the variety of jewellery which you desire to use with your dress really should match appropriately with the layout and print of your gown. Most of the ladies would think that putting on this gown in an workplace would be not pro. But if you adhere on to a couple elements then you can seem exceptionally rather and qualified at the exact point of time. You ought to stick to ordinary fabrics which do not have loud colors on them. Also make confident that the pattern of these dresses is also not incredibly fancy. Just take care if your gown is sleeveless. You can put on a cardigan or a smart blazer to address the exposed element of your arms which would give you a specialized seem far too.

Halter neck and strapless maxi dresses will need to be left family home for events about the weekend rather them wearing in an business office. In an office environment, there are usually gown codes. Relying on them you can make the right variety for all by yourself. If you have options for owning a few of beverages with your good friends shortly after business office, then you can alteration your appearance in the equivalent dress by including on some add-ons and messing up your hair and strike the bar for a blast.

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Maxi dress in Stripe,wear on beach,on the street

I’m a huge fan of clothing that can transition, from office to home to weekend lounging, and from spring to fall. I don’t count winter in there because, in Hong Kong, you’re kind of bound to be wearing heavy pants, sweaters and boots through winter so there’s not much in the way of transitional options.
One of my favourite pieces is the maxi dress. They’re perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit for a Saturday at the beach. They’re great for wearing out to dinner on a sticky summer day when you know you’re going to end up with a stomach full of beer and appetizers. And, with the right accessories, they fit in just as well at the office (caveat: I have a pretty casual workplace). Make the layers a bit heavier, and your maxi dresses will take you through milder spring and fall temperatures, too.
I think the trick to an office-friendly maxi dress is to make sure doesn’t feature a really bright, tropical pattern. Florals, yes, stripes, yes, but in shades that are a bit less neon than something you might wear on a cruise. Finding dresses that have a bit more shape help combat the muumuu/nightgown look, too.
To make it okay for the office, I think you need a cardigan or shirt to cover up bare shoulders, and shoes that aren’t flip-flops.

wear it without nothing
 wear it with T shirt
 wear it with sleeveless jacket

Marine Style Light Blue Stripe Korean Maxi Dress

Cotton Red / Black “Love”Maxi Dress

Stripe Causal Style Eva Marcille Blue / Green Maxi Dress
2012 Spring Stripe Trendy Cotton Black / Grey Midi Dress

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