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Asian Korean Fashion Review from customer in Singapore

Review from customer ,

  AsianKoreanFashion Review:Sponsered Clothing

Hello ladies and gents,
as the title says, this will be a sponsered review of the website Asian Korean Fashion. This is pretty much a wholesale website for asian fashion, similar to WholesaleDress and Wholesale7. It is located in Hong Kong.
Rest assured, this is 100% honest even though it is sponsered.
You can’t buy my opinion with a $12 dress.
Above are some of the designs you can find. There are a wide array of choices but I picked out the more gyaru ones as that is my favourite style.
Website (Design & Interface): 
Nice, professional-looking site which is easy to use. They also have a live chat function if you require assistance. My absolute favourite thing is that they tell you what is instock and what isn’t. I hate placing my order only to find out that a lot of items are OOS.
They definitely offer a wide range of clothing for sale. In terms of uniqueness though, the clothes are similar or identical to the ones sold on other wholesale websites.
Customer Service:
Five out of five! The staff were very patient with my despite my general ditzyness. Enquires were replied promptly and most important – clearly. One of the reasons I love ordering from Hong Kong sites is that they can speak better English compared to China or Taiwan.
Their shipping was surprisingly fast, my package came to me in an amazing ten days.
Bear in mind that Hong Kong is quite close to Singapore
 They also update your order status regularly. Mine was even changed to ‘delivered’ on the day of delivery.

Out of all their clothes, I chose this one to do a review on.
It costs US 11.87
Not bad, fabric is pretty decent for the price.
However it is a little to sheer, especially near the bottom.

Is it true to picture?

The design is a wee bit different (eg. ribbon in front is smaller) so I think they aren’t identical.
However, it is good enough for me. 
Final Verdict:
Would purchase from them again

Overall, I think they are worth purchasing from. The clothes they sell are very similar to the pictures show, albeit minute differences. Furthermore, the mark up is not as high as other websites, eg. Yesstyle. From my experience, I respect their quality of customer service as well as efficient shipping. If you are living in Western countries where asian fashion is difficult to find, I’d say definitely give it a try.
If you want to know more information about cheap clothing online,

AsianKoreanFashion Review:bohemian Style Purple elegant Maxi dress

bohemian Style Purple elegant Maxi dress

The fabric is very comfortable,
color it directly to see is not particularly brilliant,
the upper body is very beautiful;
with the dress is a little difficult to wear ,and I need to wear the high heels,
The light might be little dark also,the color should be brighter .
 the price is very reasonable,
good quality, it is recommended .

AsianKoreanFashion Review:Bohemia Prettyish Chiffon Tiered Maxi Dress

Bohemia Prettyish Chiffon Brown / Grey / Black Tiered Maxi Dress

Super love this dress,
wearing  comfortable, good quality, the upper body is also good,
My height is
165cm, 45kg, brown  selected and fit.
cost is also quite cheap, the store shipped quickly,
was also carefully.
Worth to buy this maxi dress, can consider to buy it!



Korean Fashion Clothing – Internet’s New Shopping Destination

Korean fashion clothes are favorites with people all around the world. Asian fashion is the fastest growing industry in today’s world and it famous because of its styles and trends. The designs and fabric are classy, easy to wear and contemporary. Among different types of styles Japanese fashion and Korean fashion clothing is the most profitable and attractive for everyone. Previously, the Asian fashion industry was just popular in their local markets but now they are all rage around the globe. Presently, it has become a familiar name in the western countries, thanks to the changing times.

Korean fashion has its own appeal and its own fan following. The fabrics, styles and dresses have a fragrance and they are very different from the western style. You must search on internet first, if you are looking for some latest trend of Japanese or Korean fashion clothes. From there you will be able to know various aspects about Korean fashion. These styles have been famous worldwide and will catch your eyes for sure. Among different companies, you will also be able to bring in a comparison of products and prices. Korean fashion clothing is definitely a big benefit over the usual brick and mortar stores. You can select any apparel of your choice by checking out various types of outfits from Japanese and Korean fashion industry.

Asian fashion is the best place for shopping for your apparels if you consider yourself as a bargain hunter. Fantastic designs and smart apparels from Korean fashion clothes are available at cheaper rates along with free shipping offers from some of the websites. On some of the online websites, you as a customer can avail discounts as per your convenience. There are many people who enjoy shopping for Korean fashion clothes and Japanese fashion and there are many who are shopping fanatics. They get to wear affordable and beautiful clothing and fashion accessories. At extra ordinarily low costs, one can shop for fabrics, excellent designs and dresses. You can always enjoy fashion a bit more at such websites who deal with clothing and accessories. You can also avail the beauty of Korean fashion clothing at such stores and get to know more about the latest trends in fashion industry. Asiankoreanfashion is the ideal place to shop. One who has made use of these apparels and Korean accessories is bound to re visit. That is the beauty or the essence of Korean fashion clothing industry.

Through internet, international locations all over the globe can offer various styles of Korean fashion clothes. Previously it was not available but with the emergence of internet, Korean clothing can be bought from any place in the world be it USA, Singapore, Canada and Thailand. Their offers include party dresses, tops, prom dresses, jackets, maxi dresses, ladies clothing, several other fashionable ladies wear and accessories. You now have a great opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with the best, Korean fashion clothing of your choice.

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Asian Korean Fashion Review from U.S.A. Video

AsianKoreanFashion Review-From USA Video Review

“I receives it within 1 to 2 weeks,it pretty normal since it loacted in Hong Kong,China.”
“The price is pretty reasonable for their clothing.”
“The quality is actually pretty good.”

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