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Review: Korean Long NY Red Shirt from AsianKoreanFashion

I don’t think I tell you guy this, but I really like wearing Asian style clothing, as you can see, I am 100% Asian! I am always looking online to find Asian style clothing for a reasonable price. Sometimes, the quality will be okay but sometimes, it can be very bad. Anyways, what you pay is what you get but I always like to shop clothing in the lowest possible price I can find. Finding a bargain of clothing with good quality and low price is what makes me very happy.
Recently, I found an online store that sells this type of clothing for a very reasonable price.
Who is Asian Korean Fashion?
Asian Korean Fashion is an online fashion boutique retailer/wholesaler based in Hong Kong, that start opened since 2007. They feature newest trend from Asia with authentic brands. Fun, Sexy, Night outs, Professional, Casual. Seal approved , Quality inspected! Asian Korean Fashion updates new style and products daily so we can have what we love.
I was sent a shirt from AsianKorenFashion to review but this is semi-sponsor since I have to pay for the shipping.
Price: $11.9
Photo from their website
Product Info
Weight: 0.30kg
Length: 80cm  
Chest: 90cm 
Sleeve Length: 58cm
Hand wash, dry flat 
The color is actually not that bright red but rather like a peachy red. I apologize for the super bad lighting.
Color suppose to be a little darker than this.
Back of the shirt
Continue are photos of me in the Red Shirt

 My Thoughts
Overall, I am very impressed in this shirt because the quality is a lot better than most Asian online store. I remember last time I bought something from an online Asian store, the quality is very poor for the low price. Even though the item’s price is low but the shipping is too much. The shipping for AsianKoreanFashion is very reasonable and not too much. I paid around $7 shipping for this shirt to the US.
This shirt has two colors: red and gray. The one I am wearing is obviously red but because of the lighting, the color looks very different. As you all know, most Asian clothing comes in only one size: free size; therefore, before you place an order, you have to definitely check the measurement first. 
The bottom of the shirt is a little tight for me since I have a big butt. I hope to go on a diet so I can fit this shirt a little better. 
Shipping was okay. It took around 2-3 weeks to get to me. That’s a reasonable amount of time since it’s shipped by air mail from Hong Kong. 
With its low price and great quality, I would definitely recommend this online shop to others!
Rating: 5/5
Great Quality
Low price
Ship Worldwide
Great Selection of Clothing
Stays on Trend
Might be slow on shipping
Be sure to visit AsianKoreanFashion